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News: 2021 Jul 12 - Jul 23

2021 July News

1 year ago ∙ 1 minute read

Osm Framework introduced production mode and maintenance mode. went live.

More details: Website v0.2.0


Site went live

From now on, is live.

Minor Changes

  • on mobile, the left sidebar opens/closes by clicking the hamburger button
  • posts compute and show estimated reading time
  • Gulp script adapted for production mode
  • main category is a part of post title


  • hide hamburger button if there is no left sidebar

Content changes

  • rewritten home page contents
  • incomplete/incorrect posts marked as drafts
  • post-introduction to Osm Framework

Osm Framework v0.9.3


Production Mode

In production, set environment variable PRODUCTION=true in order to:

  • purge unused CSS
  • minify JS and CSS
  • serve JS and CSS without source maps
  • hide stack traces and move them into temp/Osm_App/logs/http.log

Maintenance Mode

New commands:

# put the site on maintenance
osm http:down

# put the site back online
osm http:up

When the site is on maintenance, the site returns 503 page.