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News: 2022 Mar 13

2022 March News

1 year ago ∙ 1 minute read

Yesterday, I did three things:

Optimized Search Responses

The implementation of the faceted implementation in blog has shown that sometimes you need only facet counts, or only total count of matching entries.

Until now, Osm Framework had always queried total count, ids and facets. Not anymore - and the search engine only provides the information that is actually needed.

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Made Search Hit Limit Explicit

The implicit ElasticSearch hit limit is confusing. And you can't get all the hits - there is 10000 maximum hit limit that you can't exceed anyway.

Be explicit about the maximum number of search hits.

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Decided Not To Obfuscate ID In URL

In my opinion, obfuscating object ID in a URL is not worth the effort, and here is why.

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