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Command Line Aliases

Osm Framework Getting Started

Version 0.15 ∙ 1 minute read

Install and use osm, osmc, osmt and osmh command line aliases for faster command typing.



Use command line aliases for faster command typing. For example, after installing command line aliases, you can compile the application using

osmc Osm_App

instead of verbose

php vendor/osmphp/core/bin/compile.php Osm_App



Add the following lines to the end of your ~/.bashrc file:

alias osmc='php vendor/osmphp/core/bin/compile.php'
alias osmh='php vendor/osmphp/core/bin/hint.php'
alias osmt='php vendor/osmphp/framework/bin/tools.php'
alias osm='php vendor/osmphp/framework/bin/console.php'


  1. Create a directory, for example C:\osm and extract all the files from the osmphp/windows-aliases Git repository.
  2. Add C:\osm\windows-aliases-0.1 directory to the PATH system environment variable:

    1. Press Windows button to open the Windows Start menu.
    2. Type env, and open Edit the system environment variables window.
    3. Click the Environment variables button.
    4. In the System variables (the second one) section, double-click the Path variable.
    5. Using the New button, add C:\osm\windows-aliases-0.1 directory.
    6. Click OK button in all three opened modal windows.


osm - Main Application

Use osm alias for running commands of the main application, for example, for running the database migrations:

osm migrate:up

Explore all the commands by running osm alias without parameters:


Explore arguments and options of a specific command using -h switch:

osm migrate:up -h

osmc - Compiler

Use osmc alias for compiling an application. For example, compiling the main application:

osmc Osm_App

osmh - Hint Generator

Use osmh alias for generating a hint files that enable better navigation and code completion in PhpStorm:

osmh Osm_App

osmt - Tools

Use osmt alias for running other command-line tools, for instance, for generating boilerplate code.

Just as with osm, explore its commands, their arguments and options by running