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Osm Framework

Version 0.15 ∙ 1 minute read

Computed Properties

Computed properties are one of Osm Framework pillars. They help to execute code only once, and only if it's actually needed. Computed properties control object serialization and caching. They provide meaningful insights into class interdependencies. Finally, computed properties are easy to test.

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Modular software development is a well-known practice of dividing your application into several modules, each doing one thing, and doing it well. It increases readability and simplifies maintenance, as application concerns are fully separated from one another, easier to reason about, and to debug.

Modular development also encourages reuse. It's like a puzzle. Using one set of modules, you'll get an e-commerce application, using another set of modules - you'll get a blog application.

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Dynamic Traits

Using dynamic traits, customize anything. Inject your code in the beginning, in the end, or instead of any standard method. Even more, add new properties and methods to the existing standard classes.

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In Osm Framework, an application is a set of modules that you run as a whole. There are several applications defined in the project, each having its own PHP class. Mostly, deal with the main one, Osm\App\App. Beside the class name, every application also has a name, the main one is named Osm_App.

Access the current application object, and the main parts of Osm Framework, via the global $osm_app object and its properties. Add your own long-living objects there. Run an application using its HTTP or console entry point, or using Apps::run().

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Hint Classes

When dealing with plain PHP objects, be it some data read from a JSON, from a database record, or from a configuration file, use hint classes. A hint class is a class that is never directly instantiated. Instead, it provides symbol information to the IDE such as PhpStorm. With this information, the IDE helps you avoid typing error, makes you faster using code completion, and provides contextual help.

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PHP reflection is great. However, it comes with limitations: there is no efficient way of enumerating all descendants of a certain class, and it doesn't work with @property declarations. Osm Framework addresses these limitations, and provides a very fast reflection API that powers its metaprogramming features.

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Write unit tests. They are additional work, but it's worth it. Osm Framework comes all prepared for writing pure PHP tests, database tests, search tests, functional tests, tests using headless browser. Also, consider running the test suite after every push.

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