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2021 August Website

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Install PHP 8, MySql, Node, Gulp and ElasticSearch. Clone the project and edit project settings. Finally, run few commands in the command line.



Before you begin, install the following prerequisites:

Clone The Project And Configure Its Settings

  1. Clone the project into osmsoftware directory by running the following command:

    git clone osmsoftware
  2. In MySql, create osmsoftware database.

  3. Create the .env.Osm_App file in the project directory, and configure MySql user name and password:


Install The Project

Run the following commands in the project directory:

# install dependencies
composer install

# compile the applications
osmc Osm_App
osmc Osm_Project
osmc Osm_Tools

# collect JS dependencies from all installed modules
osmt config:npm

# install JS dependencies
npm install

# build JS, CSS and other assets

# make `temp` directory writable
find temp -type d -exec chmod 777 {} \;
find temp -type f -exec chmod 666 {} \;

# create tables in the MySql database
osm migrate:up

# fill in the MySql database and ElasticSearch index with the website data
osm index:blog
osm index

Note. Some commands may show no output. Don't worry - it means they worked as expected :)

After creating a project, check that it works in the command line:


Using PHP Web Server

The easiest way to try out the application is to use the Web server that is bundled with PHP.

Start the native PHP Web Server in the project directory:

# start the Web application on the `8000` port
php -S -t public/Osm_App public/Osm_App/router.php

While the Web server is running, open the application home page in a browser:

Using gulp watch

That's all - you can begin tinkering project files!

However, before you do, run the following command in the project directory:

gulp watch

Keep this command running as long as you change the project files. It detects file changes, and automatically:

  • recompiles the application,
  • rebuilds JS, CSS and other assets.

In some cases, you may need to restart this command.

Reindexing Website Data

Whenever you change contents of data/ directory, update MySql and ElasticSearch by running

osm index