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Osm Admin: Fixing Progress Messages And Preventing Unsafe Operations

2022 March Osm Admin

2 years ago ∙ 1 minute read

Progress messages stopped working, and I fixed that. Then, I implemented a safety measure that prevent accidental deletion (or other operations) on all objects.



The nice progress messages that I developed in v0.1, doesn't work in v0.2.

The message HTML markup was added using a Blade @around directive:

@around({{ $footer ?? '' }})

And this line is not there anymore, and message HTML markup is not added anymore. Fixed it by changing to:


Preventing Unsafe Operations

While it's OK to show all products on the GET / page, it's irresponsible to allow editing all products with just GET /edit and POST /, and it's plain dangerous to allow deleting all products with just DELETE /.

Let's require additional ?all flag in the URL on all dangerous routes.

Let's mark safe routes with new #[Safe] attribute, and call new assertSafe() method in every route to check that there are either URL filters or ?all flag:

// Routes\Admin\EditPage
public function run(): Response

// Routes\Route
protected function assertSafe(Query $query): void {
    if ($this->safe) {

    if (!empty($query->filters)) {

    if (($this->http->query['all'] ?? null) === true) {

    throw new UnsafeOperation(__(
        "Specify a filter in the URL query parameters, or confirm an operation on all objects using `?all` flag."));

The UnsafeOperation operation exception sends 403 Forbidden response:

class UnsafeOperation extends Http
    public function response(): Response
        global $osm_app; /* @var App $osm_app */

        return $osm_app->http->responses->forbidden($this->getMessage());