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Osm Admin: Incremental Indexing Roadblocks

2022 March Osm Admin

2 years ago ∙ 2 minutes read

I wanted to implement incremental indexing in one go.

Not so quick.

I hit some major roadblocks, and I'm working on removing them, one by one.

More details:

Indexing Error

Table notify about their changes, and indexer register these changes in notification tables. All things are set up for implementing incremental indexing.

But before, that, I noticed that the current osm index implementation throws errors.

Strange thing - the notification tables (which use indexer IDs) are created, but the indexers table is empty.

And Indexer objects still remember their IDs.

The only explanation is the following workflow:

  1. After clearing cache, Indexer objects created status records in the indexers table, and got their IDs. If you recall, the status record is created in the getter:

    protected function get_id(): int {
        $id = $this->db->table('indexers')
            ->where('name', $this->name)
        return $id ?? $this->db->table('indexers')->insertGetId([
            'name' => $this->name,
  2. After running migrations, the indexers table got reset, while Indexer objects still remember old IDs in cache.

A quick fix to this issue is to clear the schema cache entry before running schema migrations:

// Osm\Admin\Schema\Commands\Migrate
public function run(): void
    global $osm_app; /* @var App $osm_app */

    // `$osm_app->schema` is stored in cache. It contains information
    // fetched from the database, for example, indexer IDs. Hence, after
    // resetting the database it's necessary to "forget" the currently
    // cached schema and reflect it from code anew


Incremental Indexing Entry Point

Let's begin with modeling a situation requiring incremental indexing:

# create tables
php bin/run.php migrate:schema

# reset `requires_full_reindex` flags on indexers
php bin/run.php index

# create 4 product objects
php bin/run.php migrate:samples

After these commands, product search indexer (#9) status is requires_partial_reindex, and zi9__products__inserts notification table contains 4 product IDs. Running indexing throws the NotImplemented exception:

public function index(string $mode): void {
    if ($mode == static::FULL) {
    else {
        throw new NotImplemented($this);

This line should call a new method, partialReindex():

protected function partialReindex(): void {
    throw new NotImplemented($this);

I'll return to this method a bit later.

Joins In Formula Queries

Query object automatically joins related tables. For example, if you mention category.title in WHERE clause, it will automatically INNER JOIN categories table. It's not implemented yet, but that's the idea.

But here is the thing - it's not enough. How about

  1. selecting from a notification table?
  2. joining a notification table?
  3. deleting records from a notification table?

Selecting and deleting notification records can be done with a Laravel query - they don't require any schema knowledge.

Joining a notification table requires some changes in Query. I'll return to it the next time.