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Osm Admin: Recreating Search Index. Making Test Suites Work

2022 May Osm Admin

2 years ago ∙ 2 minutes read


  • Osm Admin in-browser functionality was fully restored after creating search index in the indexer.
  • All test suites started passing again, and being run automatically on git push.

Some details:

Recreating Search Index

A while ago, I've decided to move the search index creation from migrations to indexing:

  1. Search index creation should be a part of indexing. During full reindex, the indexer should create the index and fill it with data. During partial reindex, it should only update its data.
  2. Migration should not care about search indexes at all.
  3. Application logic should check if a search index requires full reindex, and if so, it should not hit ElasticSearch at all. Instead, it should provide alternative query processing by DB means only.

The second point is already implemented, the third one is not relevant just yet.

Let's implement the first point.

// Osm\Admin\Schema\Indexer\Search
protected function fullReindex(): void {
    if ($this->search->exists($this->table->table_name)) {

    $this->search->create($this->table->table_name, function(Blueprint $index) {
        foreach ($this->table->properties as $property) {
            if ($property->name === 'id') {

            if ($property->index) {
                $field = $property->createIndex($index);

                if ($property->index_filterable) {

                if ($property->index_sortable) {

                if ($property->index_searchable) {

                if ($property->index_faceted) {

Reviewing Test Suites

Making Tests Pass

From now on, all tests should pass on the main branch, which currently is v0.2.


Running Tests On GitHub

I've also created a GitHub action that runs all the test suites automatically, on Git push:

# .github/workflows/test.yml
name: tests
        -   cron: '0 0 * * *'

        runs-on: ubuntu-latest

        name: ubuntu-latest, PHP 8.1, MySql, ElasticSearch
            NAME: "admin_${{ github.run_number }}"
            MYSQL_USERNAME: root
            MYSQL_PASSWORD: root

            -   name: Checkout code
                uses: actions/checkout@v2

            -   name: Configure sysctl limits for ElasticSearch
                run: |
                    sudo swapoff -a
                    sudo sysctl -w vm.swappiness=1
                    sudo sysctl -w fs.file-max=262144
                    sudo sysctl -w vm.max_map_count=262144

            -   name: Install ElasticSearch
                uses: getong/elasticsearch-action@v1.2
                    elasticsearch version: '7.6.1'
                    host port: 9200
                    container port: 9200
                    host node port: 9300
                    node port: 9300
                    discovery type: 'single-node'

            -   name: Start MySql and create the database
                run: |
                    sudo systemctl start mysql.service
                    mysql -u root -proot -e "CREATE DATABASE ${{ env.NAME }};"

            -   name: Setup PHP
                uses: shivammathur/setup-php@v2
                    php-version: 8.1
                    extensions: mbstring, pdo, sqlite, pdo_sqlite
                    ini-values: variables_order=EGPCS
                    tools: composer:v2
                    coverage: none
                    COMPOSER_TOKEN: ${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}

            -   name: Setup problem matchers
                run: echo "::add-matcher::${{ runner.tool_cache }}/phpunit.json"

            -   name: Install dependencies
                run: composer update --prefer-dist --no-interaction --no-progress

            -   name: Compile applications
                run: |
                    php vendor/osmphp/core/bin/compile.php Osm_Admin_Samples
                    php vendor/osmphp/core/bin/compile.php Osm_Tools
                    php vendor/osmphp/core/bin/compile.php Osm_Project

            -   name: Collect JS dependencies
                run: php vendor/osmphp/framework/bin/tools.php config:npm

            -   name: Install Node modules
                run: npm install

            -   name: Run Gulp
                run: gulp

            -   name: Create System DB Tables
                run: php bin/run.php migrate:up
                    MYSQL_PORT: ${{[3306] }}
                    MYSQL_DATABASE: ${{ env.NAME }}
                    SEARCH_INDEX_PREFIX: "${{ env.NAME }}_"

            -   name: Execute migration tests
                run: vendor/bin/phpunit --configuration phpunit_migrations.xml
                    MYSQL_PORT: ${{[3306] }}
                    MYSQL_DATABASE: ${{ env.NAME }}
                    SEARCH_INDEX_PREFIX: "${{ env.NAME }}_"

            -   name: Execute query tests
                run: vendor/bin/phpunit --configuration phpunit_queries.xml
                    MYSQL_PORT: ${{[3306] }}
                    MYSQL_DATABASE: ${{ env.NAME }}
                    SEARCH_INDEX_PREFIX: "${{ env.NAME }}_"

            -   name: Execute main test suite
                run: vendor/bin/phpunit
                    MYSQL_PORT: ${{[3306] }}
                    MYSQL_DATABASE: ${{ env.NAME }}
                    SEARCH_INDEX_PREFIX: "${{ env.NAME }}_"