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Osm Admin: User Types And Required Prior Knowledge

2022 July Osm Admin

2 years ago ∙ 1 minute read

Before diving into what should be in the docs, let's define what you should more or less know before using Osm Admin.

There are four types of people who will read the docs:

Power Users

Power users understand non-trivial software better than the rest of us. In general, you know how to configure advanced system settings, write Excel formulas, configure Jira workflows, and perform other challenging tasks.

Applied to Osm Admin, power users are capable of creating new application and adding grids and forms to its admin area.

It means that part of the docs, including code examples should be written for non-developers.


Developers should know the basics of the underlying technologies:

  • Web
  • PHP
  • MySql
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Gulp
  • ElasticSearch

The docs should not expect a developer to know it all or to have a particular expertise in any of it. The docs should be forgiving in this respect.

A developer already has some local tech stack that includes PHP. The docs should accommodate to the existing tech stack, and provide a recommended one if you are starting from scratch.

Osm Admin is also based on Osm Framework. However, it's new stuff, and the docs should not expect any prior knowledge of it.


Most developers are interested in creating Web apps that solve specific problems.

However, some of you may want to create reusable packages with ready-to-use vertical solutions sprawling both admin and front areas, or tony improvements such as individual UI controls, JS behaviors, formula functions, translations or other.

These are independent solution vendors (ISVs) or just vendors.

Many of you will create a reusable package for the first time, so you may not know how Composer or Packagist works.


Finally, some people will want to contribute to Osm Admin code and/or docs. And of course, no prior knowledge is required to contribute except curiosity.