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Osm Admin Getting Started

Version 0.2 ∙ 1 minute read

Osm Admin is the admin area, and the API for your next PHP application that is optimized for mass-editing, has simple configuration and is incredibly customizable.

Your Workflow

Once Osm Admin is installed, add grids and forms to your admin area using this simple workflow:

  1. Define data structure using PHP classes and properties.
  2. Add to them visual look and behavior using PHP attributes.
  3. Run a command to re-create database tables.

That's it!

Open your fully working admin area in the browser, and, if needed, adjust the PHP classes as needed.

Configuration Example

Here is a sample task class for a simple to-do application:

 * @property string $todo #[
 *      Serialized,
 *      Grid\String_('To Do', edit_link: true),
 *      Form\String_(10, 'To Do'),
 * ]
    Interface_\Table\Admin('/tasks', 'Task'),
class Task extends Object_
    use Id;

What You Get

Osm Admin creates three things for you:

  1. A fully working admin area for you to manage your data visually.
  2. An API for managing your data remotely from a script.
  3. An internal interface for rendering your data in the application frontend.

Customize Anything

Everything is customizable! Create your own grid column or form field types, custom validation or indexing rules, and a lot more.