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2021 July Website

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This article explains how to manage and assign blog categories.

Defining Categories

Define categories in data/posts__categories directory. For each category, create a Markdown file, with file names following {sort_order}-{url_key}.md naming convention:

Each file defines category title and description:

# Status Reports

Here is what we've been working on lately.

Adding Metadata

Just like blog posts, category markdown files may have meta and meta.* sections. However, categories have different fields than blog posts.

Supported category fields in meta section:

  • post_title - Text to be added to every blog post where this category is assigned as main category. If omitted, category title is used.

Supported meta.* sections:

  • description section specifies text to be rendered in category page's meta description that is shown on search engine result pages. Don't use Markdown formatting in this section. If omitted, the description text is used. If the description text contains Markdown formatting, do define meta.description section without any Markdown formatting in it.

Assigning Categories To Blog Posts

Main Category

Add category URL key to the blog post file name. For example, in order to assign framework as main category to a blog post, use instead of file name.

Additional Categories

Add category URL to the categories metadata field of the blog post:

### meta

        "categories": ["drafts"]


After any changes to blog categories, run osm index.

After changing category URL keys and reassigning them to blog posts, run osm index -f.