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News: 2021 Oct 11 - Oct 22

2021 October News

1 year ago ∙ 1 minute read

This sprint was dedicated to writing Osm Framework documentation, and indeed, there are 8 new in-depth documentation articles, 4-5 minutes long each.

Despite documentation focus, I kept improving the website. From now on, you can assign a canonical URL to a blog post or a documentation page, and use GitHub friendly relative URLs in documentation.

But the most important thing - I started sharing progress and insights daily on Twitter.

More details:

Osm Framework v0.13.4


New Documentation Pages

New Features

  • std-pages::layout Blade component accepts and renders canonicalUrl.
  • Most application settings, if omitted, inherit their values from environment variables. Website v0.4.1


New Content

  • NotImplemented
  • All the documentation that was originally written as blog posts, and now moved to the documentation section, is properly marked, both visually and using canonical URLs.

New Features

  • Let Google know about the original source of content by assigning canonical_url in the meta section of any Markdown document
  • Use relative links on documentation pages that work both on GitHub, and on

Osm Core v0.10.1


A single fix has been made that allows using static::new() in your classes.

Project Template v0.13.1


Empty settings files are added.