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2022 March Osm Admin

2 years ago ∙ 1 minute read

Most blog posts of mine is just blabbing about coding while coding. It may be not that interesting to most of you. I totally get it, and it's fine.

However, there are some actually useful pieces, that I eventually return to and re-read. I even link to these pieces in new blog posts.

I've listed references to these useful blog posts below. One day, they'll be a part of the official documentation.

Creating JS Controller

Note. I walked through creating a JS controller while working on facets. Check this piece for step-by-step guide.

JS Controller Options

Note. I introduced the good practice of documenting the options a JS controller expects to receive from the HTML markup while developing the field control behavior.

URL Filter Syntax

Note. If you wonder what the URL parameters mean, and why they are written this way, check the blog post on filter URL syntax.

URL Action Syntax

Note. URL action syntax (-, -color, -color=red, color=red and +color=red) is introduced while implementing facet rendering.