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News: 2021 Jul 26 - Aug 6

2021 August News

2 years ago ∙ 1 minute read

The first blog articles have been written, edited and revised. Content changes are deployed in semi-automated way. The website got some SEO improvements, and now it scores 100% in Google Lighthouse.

More details: Website v0.2.1


Content Changes

New articles have been written, and previous articles have been edited and revised:

Minor Changes

  • website achieved 100% Google Lighthouse score in all categories: performance, accessibility, best practices, SEO.
  • Blog posts and categories have new meta.description section. These descriptions are rendered in the Google search results.
  • Blog post, category and other pages have SEO-friendly page titles. These titles are rendered in the Google search results.
  • Content updates are deployed using new bin/ script.