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Getting Started

Osm Framework

Version 0.15 ∙ 1 minute read


Osm Framework is an open-source, insanely fast, unprecedentedly extensible, and fun to work with PHP 8 framework for creating modern Web applications. It's built on top of tried and tested Symfony and Laravel components.

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Once PHP 8, Node and Gulp are installed, create new projects quickly using the command line.

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Command Line Aliases

Install and use osm, osmc, osmt and osmh command line aliases for faster command typing.

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Project Structure

After you got a project up and running, you may notice that there is a lot of directories and files in the project directories. While you'll spend most of your time in src/ and themes/ directories, it's worth knowing what's all the other stuff is about.

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Configure the project settings, such as language, theme, database and search index connection details, logging, and other, in the settings.{app}.php file. Put machine-specific settings into the .env.{app} file. Copy and adapt ready-to-use examples from this document.

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Web Server

Run your application under a Web server - a program that browsers actually communicate with. For development, consider using native PHP Web server. On a production server, use Nginx, although you may use it locally, too.

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